New Car Smell

This is the second WordPress blog that I’ve started.  My first blog came from a “great” idea I had.  I was hoping it would catch on so that I could write a book about it.  However, after a handful of posts regarding my subject, I ran out of steam.  I started writing more about random ideas than my “great” idea.  I decided to delete that blog.  I thought about bringing some of my old posts over to this shiny new blog.  I opted not to do that.   I wouldn’t want to ruin the “new car smell” of this blog.

What will this blog be about?  Here is my honest answer:  I have to no clue!  And guess what, I am completely fine with that.  My previous blog was very limiting, and in the end, that didn’t work for me.

Please join me on this crazy journey that I can my life.


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