Please, Take Advantage of my Desperation

Unemployment sucks.  That is the bottom line.  I’m that fact has been statistically proven many times.

I’ve been out of work for about a year.  I never thought that I would have such a difficult time finding a job especially with all of the years I’ve spent in school.

So today, I got an email from a position I applied for off of  I am always very cautious when it comes to applying to places and the personal information that I give them.  I applied to this job yesterday, and this morning I got an email stating that the company had narrowed the applicants down to three and I was one of them.  I was immediately thrilled to hear this information.  I started to become skeptical about the company when they asked me to request my credit score through a link that they supplied me.  To me a long story short, this company is scamming people like me who are desperate for a job.

As I sit here writing this, I wonder how many people fell for this scheme.  An email like this sounds fantastic to a person who has been out of work for a while.  Please be careful out there, people!  It is a tough road out there but eventually things have to start looking up.


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