First World Problems Part 2

I don’t have cable television at home.  So when I come to my sister’s house, I like to look through her channels to see if there is anything I am missing.  Usually, I find out that there isn’t really anything worth watching.

As I sit here waiting for traffic to die down, I found something on television that is very gross to me.  On the Oprah Winfrey Network (OWN), I found a television show called Supersize vs Superskinny.  I am assuming that this is a British show due to the majority of people speaking in a British accent except for the narrator.  What they do is put an extremely skinny person and a morbidly obese person in a house and force them to eat each others’ meals for more than a few days.  Of course, the super skinny person eats very little, and the larger person eats way too much (which gets to be kind of disgusting!)

(Here is a video of the show I am referring to–the screen cap of this picture was a little NSFW, so I decided to just give you the link: click here.)

Even though I understand the concept of this show, I don’t agree with it.  How can they help an anorexic person by stuff his or her face with food?  I would think that the opposite would happen.  Instead of changing their eating habits for the better, they might be even more disgusted with food and be more careful about what they eat.  This can’t be healthy!

I wonder how successful this method is.  The underweight person in the episode I watched did have some success.  How long did they success last for?  Did she only keep this up for the show?

What do you think?


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