Time is on my side…

Time is on my side…not really!

Time is not on your side when you have been unemployed for a year!  As I reflect on the past year on my life, I realize that I could have done things different.  For instance, I had been refusing to take an unpaid internship because I needed to be compensated since I have to pay my student loans.  I have only been looking for paid full-time jobs.  Had I known that I would have been unemployed for over a year, I would have taken those unpaid internships in order to gain more experience.

Hindsight is always 20/20, right?

So here is my tip of the day:

If you are unemployed, don’t be afraid to take unpaid position.  You can still apply and interview for other positions during this time since internships are usually unpaid.  Plus, you can’t beat the experience!


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