A Park Should Be A Pleasant Place, Right?

Most mornings, I try to take a walk or even jog around my local park.  This park is geared towards exercise since it has a track, a trail, and outdoor exercise machines.  This sounds pretty great, right?  Well at least it used to be.

The park has been open for a couple of years now.  Since the day it opened, I have noticed how it’s wonderfulness has been decreasing.  More and more, everyday I see trash becoming more apparent.  The park isn’t as cared for as it was in the beginning when it first opened.  I’m pretty sure that I’ve seen illicit activities take place before my eyes.  All of this makes me not want to go to that park any more.  However, I will keep going to this park.  Why?  Mostly because I could use the exercise since I cannot afford a gym membership.  I am unemployed after all!

I just hope that the city’s parks and rec department realizes what they are doing wrong before this park goes completely down the tubes!


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