To dress up, or not to dress up?

To dress up, or not to dress up, that is the question!

Halloween is just around the corner…will you be dressing up?

The meaning of Halloween changes so much from when you are a kid to the time you reach adulthood–especially for girls!

When you are a little girl, Halloween is all about trick or treating while wearing the cutest or the coolest Halloween costume you can come up with.  When you are in your late teens and twenties, Halloween is about partying while wearing the sluttiest outfit that you can get away with without being arrested for public indecency!

I’ve never “celebrated” Halloween as an adult.  Why?  Well, I have never been into partying.  Some of you might think of that as me being lame.  I think of it as preserving my liver!

So this Halloween, as you decide if you are going to dress up or not…just remember, you can go for the cute or cool look.  I won’t judge you–however, others might!


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