This is how it must have happened!

So this is how it happened!  This is how I won over my boyfriend…I won him over with my awkwardness!

Source: via Miranda on Pinterest

I tend to be an awkward person in social situations…I always have been, I will probably always be this way.  I am able to minimize my awkwardness in certain situations.  But when it comes to boys, that’s a different story!

I’ve always had a difficult time speaking to the opposite sex.  So how did I meet my boyfriend, you ask?  Well, I met him where any socially awkward person would meet someone else…online!  I had no problem talking to him via emails or instant messengers…I was worried about what would happen when I finally met him in person!  According to him, I was very nervous.  I, however, thought I was being very calm and collected.  Somehow, through our awkward interactions, we fell in love with each other.  We just celebrated our 4th anniversary this summer, and we are planning on getting married soon!

Tip of the day:

No matter how awkward you may think you are, there is someone out there for you! ❤



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