Keep Hope Alive

Yesterday’s blog was full of hope and positive vibes.  I had this marvelous feeling; I felt as though something fantastic was coming my way.  As the day progressed, that fantastic feeling wore off.  I was pretty bummed out.

When I woke up this morning, things were not as bright; yet, they were not so dark either.  I can feel my life starting to brighten up around me.  This feeling that I have is telling me that things are starting to get better.

That good thing that I was feeling yesterday will probably still happen.  It might be more than just one good thing.  It might come in the form of many fantastic things.  I still have hope.

What do I want to happen?  Well, the two biggest things that I have been wanting for a while now are: a job and my marriage.

As for employment, I have been consistently working on trying to get a job everyday.  I am not leaving this to chance.  My hard work might be finally paying off.

Marriage will come soon after I get a job.  My boyfriend and I have been talking about getting married for years now.  A wedding was not possible when he had a job and I did not.  He told me that we would be able to live on his salary but I couldn’t do that.  I may be old fashion in some aspects, but I want our marriage to be 50/50.  I want to have a job so I can help pay for everything.  I am a very stubborn woman.  Here comes another wrench in our love story.  He recently lost his job.  Now we are both without employment and our dream seems more distant.

This is why these feelings of something good to come are so important to me.  Even after all of these difficult times, I still look for the light.  Looking for the light is what is keeping my hopes and dreams alive.

I hope I am right.

Tip of the day:  Please keep your hopes and dreams alive.  This is what will help keep you afloat during these hard times.


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