He's sad because he lives in Southern California and it's cold out!

It’s time to pull out all your winter clothing because it’s getting cold out there!

Yes, I will admit it.  I do live in Southern California where we don’t get (much) snow.  I know that many of you think that we don’t experience any kind of weather besides sunny with a chance of more sun.  That is not entirely true!  Sometimes it does actually get cold out here and it does rain here…on occasion.

You have to give me a break!  I have only lived in Southern California!  (Except for the semester I lived in Paris that I will get to when I extract my pictures from my broken computer!)  I pretty much have only experienced California weather.  So when it starts getting chilly around here, I really really feel it!

You know who doesn’t really have an excuse?  My boyfriend!  Yes, I am calling you out!  He lived in a very cold and snowy climate for most of his life.  He moved out here to California about five years ago.  And guess what?  He has become so used to California weather that when it starts to get chilly out, he get cold like I do.  I will give him a break though.  His body hasn’t experienced a mid-west winter in about five years, but he should know what being cold actually is!  (Please don’t tell my boyfriend I said this!  lol)

Either way…yes, it is cold outside!  Please don’t judge us because of our weather…or lack of it!

Stay warm, my friends…wherever you may be!


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