Lazy Sunday

Today was such a lazy Sunday!  And no, not that SNL/Lonely Island skit/song.

Today has been the coldest day we’ve had thus far, and it made me just want to do nothing and stay in bed all day.  And guess what?  I did not feel guilty about it whatsoever!

Since I don’t have a job, I usually feel guilty about not being productive.  I feel that I don’t deserve to relax since I’m not working.  But today, I did not let that bother me.  I realized that even people without a job need time to rest and clear their minds.  If we are constantly trying to figure out what to do next without taking a moment to take a breath, we won’t be thinking clearly at all!

So my tip for today is:

A lazy day once in a while is not a bad thing.  It helps you to re-energize and clear your mind!


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