Dear Landline,

Dear Landline,

I’m sorry that we have not been using you as much.  I know that your feelings are hurt every time you see us using our cell phones.  I am just going to say it, cell phones are just more convenient and not as loud.  :/

We really do need you though.  I mean, you still get lots of calls…but mostly from telemarketers and aunts.  It would really help us out if you could “drop” some of the telemarketer calls.  They call during the worst times and are just annoying.  Sorry, I thought i was talking to my cell phone.  But you don’t drop calls like my cell does.  See, you do have something going for you!  I don’t think you have ever dropped a call.

Please keep up the great work.  Just try to limit the telemarketer calls, if you can and everything will be peachy.



P.S.  I didn’t want to mention anything about it because it’s just awkward, but I know that you overheard me talking to your telephone company about disconnecting a landline.  I was asking for a friend, I promise.  Sorry.


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