First World Problems Part 8

I’ve actually thought about this, have you?

Source: via PinkLemonadebyJosie on Pinterest

Will my daughter have to use something like this as her email address?

Well, Gmail might slowly fade away like Hotmail did…so new email service options will probably solve this problem.

What do you think?


8 thoughts on “First World Problems Part 8

  1. I think it would be best to give your child an unusual middle name. I’ve read a column once where Barack Obama claimed his name might have brought him some trouble, but at least all screen names were available to him. My options include Dimmeldum, Forzo, Bingin, Welldo and similar ones. If you need more suggestions, I suggest you buy my book: ‘Weird middle names that will get your kid bullies.’

  2. That’s a terrifying thought. I am signing all of my kids up for Facebook and email accounts this second. Even though the smallest is only three. i’m sure he won’t mind being “Squishystinkerpants08” forever and ever.

  3. i don’t know what may replace them, but there’s a part of me that thinks that by then email addresses will be a thing of the past (but maybe that’s just me). good entry. 🙂

  4. Someone actually paid me $100 to make my facebook account his name here) because he wasn’t able to. I made a new account and he hasn’t been on the new one since.

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