Dear Cough,

Have you been hit by the cold and/or flu this year?
I have.

I started feeling sick around Christmas Eve, and was almost all better less than a week later. But what decided to stick around? — A nasty cough that attacks me when I least expect it!


Dear Cough,

I have been dealing with you for a while, and I think it is time for you to go! Is it not enough that I have allergies? People already think that I am sick all the time. This cough is just adding insult to injury!

Please go! Everyone will appreciate it!




4 thoughts on “Dear Cough,

  1. I got sick on Christmas with that same nagging uncontrollable cough! It’s the kind of cough that makes me gag and my eyes water – it was horrible! I’m a massage therapist and it was very irritating for my clients to witness me hacking up a lung on there naked skin.
    You should try cepical (not sure if I spelled it right) cough drops. They are in CVS drugstores.

  2. I had a cough a few years back for a solid 6 months. From July until almost Christmas. Then I started jogging and I coughed it all up. Then I asked myself, “Why are you still jogging? This isn’t fun.” So I stopped. I’m still mucusy, but not enough where I feel the need to run outside in 10 degree weather.

    Boring story over.

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