First World Problems Part 12


Butter is a Serious Matter Part 2

This past November, I posted a silly photo that included three things that don’t mix.  Paula Deen, Lindsay Lohan, and butter.  Well, two out of those three things actually go together.  In fact, they go together so well that one had a hand in causing an illness of another.  No, Linday Lohan didn’t do anything to Paula Deen.  Butter did.  The blocks of butter that go oh so well in Paula Deen’s sugary concoctions gave her Type 2 Diabetes.

Source: via Robyn on Pinterest


What can I say?  I do feel for Paula.  My father has Type 2 Diabetes as well.  I know how tough it can be.  But in no way am I surprised with her diagnosis.  If you have ever watched her television cooking shows, or even glanced at a few of her recipes, you know what I am talking about.  She maintains that she has always encouraged moderation, but when you cook with as much saturated fat and refined sugar as she does, moderation goes out the window!

Don’t worry about Paula.  She will be fine.  I hear a pharmaceutical company will be helping her out.  I’m sure they will take awesome care of her.  $$$

Dear Cough,

Have you been hit by the cold and/or flu this year?
I have.

I started feeling sick around Christmas Eve, and was almost all better less than a week later. But what decided to stick around? — A nasty cough that attacks me when I least expect it!


Dear Cough,

I have been dealing with you for a while, and I think it is time for you to go! Is it not enough that I have allergies? People already think that I am sick all the time. This cough is just adding insult to injury!

Please go! Everyone will appreciate it!