Story of My Life


Time is on my side…

Time is on my side…not really!

Time is not on your side when you have been unemployed for a year!  As I reflect on the past year on my life, I realize that I could have done things different.  For instance, I had been refusing to take an unpaid internship because I needed to be compensated since I have to pay my student loans.  I have only been looking for paid full-time jobs.  Had I known that I would have been unemployed for over a year, I would have taken those unpaid internships in order to gain more experience.

Hindsight is always 20/20, right?

So here is my tip of the day:

If you are unemployed, don’t be afraid to take unpaid position.  You can still apply and interview for other positions during this time since internships are usually unpaid.  Plus, you can’t beat the experience!

My Great Idea

In my introductory blog, I mentioned that this is my second WordPress site.  I deleted my first blog when I realized that I was straying from it’s main purpose.  What was that main purpose?

Well, as I mentioned, I am currently unemployed.  I have been unemployed for a about a year.  I believe that the main reason I’ve been unemployed for so long is my lack of experience in a workplace setting.  I believe that I have enough education to land me a well-paying job.  After all, I do have two bachelor of arts degrees and one master of arts degree.

All of my education is what brought me to write my first blog.  All of the years that I have spend in college and grad school have brought be a great deal of debt!  I won’t mention to you how much because I am pretty sure that it will blow you away!  (This happens to me every time I think about this amount!)  So for my blog, I took this amount, and rounded up to $100,000 of student loan debt.  In each entry I would try to figure out something I could have done with the $100,000 instead of using it on my education.  My ideas included: renting a private island, living in luxury in Paris, buying a pony, and so on.  Towards the end of each blog, I would decide what would be the better choice, spending the money on my education, or one of these crazy ideas!  In the end, my education would always win.  It is the longer lasting choice that will hopefully benefit me in the end.  After a handful of $100,000 blogs I got bored and decided to write about random occurrences.

Those random occurrences have brought me here to this blog where I will share my random thoughts with you!  I thought about saving some of my old blogs to share them with you here.  However, I decided against that.  I feel that it is better to write about things that I have not written about before for my own benefit.  Who knows, I may decide to write a fresh, new $100,000 blog for you.