I HATE Cliffhangers!

For a while now, my blogs have been lacking something…WORDS!  I’ve mostly been posting silly pictures that make me smile.  So what have I been up to lately?

Applying for jobs!  (And some Etsy work, of course!)

I’m having such a difficult time obtaining employment.  I know that I have the education needed to get a great job, but my experience is lacking a little.  Here comes the question that I ask myself on a daily basis (more than once a day, usually):

How can I get more experience if no one will get me a job?

I actually felt pretty positive about the last interview process that I went through.  I guess you can say that I’m used to rejection by now, but there is something that I will never get used to.  Is it that difficult to send a generic letter to those who interviewed informing them that they didn’t get the job?  I gave you about 45 minutes of one day for a phone interview, and I gave you another hour of another day to go to the in-person interview.  Did I mention that I had to drive an hour each way to actually get to that place?

Before I get into a long(er) rant, I will stop here.  (I won’t begin to tell you about my emails that weren’t answered.)  This is for all you employers out there!  Please be respectful and update those who traveled to your office to be interviewed.  That will be greatly appreciated because I HATE cliffhangers!


Dear Employers,

Dear Employers,

This is an open letter to all employers out there. I have one overarching question that requires your immediate attention:

Why won’t you hire me?

I know that I am an excellent candidate for many jobs out there, especially the ones that I have been applying for.
Why won’t you hire me?

I been looking daily for over a year now, and have come up with nothing.
Why won’t you hire me?

I have two bachelor degrees and one masters degree under my belt.
Why won’t you hire me?

I may not have years upon years of job experience, but I have never been fired from a job.
Why won’t you hire me?

I have never been late; I always arrive on time or early.
Why won’t you hire me?

I can be a team player or a motivated individual.
Why won’t you hire me?

I am a very driven and goal-oriented person.
Why won’t you hire me?

I am very organized and pay great attention to detail.
Why won’t you hire me?

At this point, I am sure that you have started to see a pattern in my line of questioning. I would appreciate a response from you.

Thank you,


Lazy Blogging

Lately, I have not had much to say.  That is why I have been posting pictures that I find on Pinterest.  The images that I share with you, are the ones that find to be the most entertaining.  (There is a method to my lazy blogging style.)

So why haven’t I had much to say, you ask?  Well, I have been focusing more of my time and energy on my job search.  I’ve been going to interviews, taking phone interviews, and searching.  I have also been spending my time working on my Etsy shop and updating my Twitter more frequently.  Blogging is great, but when I don’t have much to say, I would rather just keep my mouth shut.  I don’t want to blog just for the sake of blogging.  I want to blog only if I have a purpose.

So what’s the purpose of today’s blog?  Well, I guess it’s to let you know that I still plan on writing more in my blogs than just adding a line or two and a picture.  I do feel, however, that my readers are enjoying the Pinterest posts which is why I will continue to post them as well!

I want to thank all of my followers.  I never thought that I would have so many!  I appreciate each and everyone of you!

Have a lovely day!

Josie ❤

Try Again

Life can be somewhat discouraging at times.  Other times, is can be VERY discouraging!  But don’t let that get you down–you always have to pick yourself up and try again!  No matter what!

I have put together some encouraging or inspirational saying to help me out today.  I found out that I did not get the job I had interviewed for.  I hope these words will help you as well.

Enjoy ❤

Lazy Sunday

Today was such a lazy Sunday!  And no, not that SNL/Lonely Island skit/song.

Today has been the coldest day we’ve had thus far, and it made me just want to do nothing and stay in bed all day.  And guess what?  I did not feel guilty about it whatsoever!

Since I don’t have a job, I usually feel guilty about not being productive.  I feel that I don’t deserve to relax since I’m not working.  But today, I did not let that bother me.  I realized that even people without a job need time to rest and clear their minds.  If we are constantly trying to figure out what to do next without taking a moment to take a breath, we won’t be thinking clearly at all!

So my tip for today is:

A lazy day once in a while is not a bad thing.  It helps you to re-energize and clear your mind!

Keep Hope Alive

Yesterday’s blog was full of hope and positive vibes.  I had this marvelous feeling; I felt as though something fantastic was coming my way.  As the day progressed, that fantastic feeling wore off.  I was pretty bummed out.

When I woke up this morning, things were not as bright; yet, they were not so dark either.  I can feel my life starting to brighten up around me.  This feeling that I have is telling me that things are starting to get better.

That good thing that I was feeling yesterday will probably still happen.  It might be more than just one good thing.  It might come in the form of many fantastic things.  I still have hope.

What do I want to happen?  Well, the two biggest things that I have been wanting for a while now are: a job and my marriage.

As for employment, I have been consistently working on trying to get a job everyday.  I am not leaving this to chance.  My hard work might be finally paying off.

Marriage will come soon after I get a job.  My boyfriend and I have been talking about getting married for years now.  A wedding was not possible when he had a job and I did not.  He told me that we would be able to live on his salary but I couldn’t do that.  I may be old fashion in some aspects, but I want our marriage to be 50/50.  I want to have a job so I can help pay for everything.  I am a very stubborn woman.  Here comes another wrench in our love story.  He recently lost his job.  Now we are both without employment and our dream seems more distant.

This is why these feelings of something good to come are so important to me.  Even after all of these difficult times, I still look for the light.  Looking for the light is what is keeping my hopes and dreams alive.

I hope I am right.

Tip of the day:  Please keep your hopes and dreams alive.  This is what will help keep you afloat during these hard times.